General structure

The programme includes 8 core LL.M. courses, 1 optional course, and a LL.M. thesis.

The LL.M. is structured on the European credit system. Each course (compulsory and optional) is worth 5 credits, for a total of 45 credits. The remaining 15 credits are earned by writing and defending a LL.M. thesis.

The 8 Core LL.M. Courses are reserved for LL.M. students and meet daily during our school term from 15-18h.  They provide the primary course load, covering the main areas of international business law. Students will benefit from small class sizes, low student:professor ratio and group camaraderie amongst LL.M. students.  The LL.M. emphasizes active learning through mock in-class activities, presentations and small group discussions.

The 1 Optional Course may be selected from any of the courses that are offered in the law faculty of ULB (in English or in French).  LL.M. students can capitalize on the truly remarkable curricular and methodological diversity offered at ULB.

The LL.M. Thesis involves the preparation of a written work on a topic of international business law of the student’s own choosing, under the one-to-one supervision of a member of the teaching staff.  The thesis is due on May 15.

List of Core LL.M. Courses
List of Optional Courses

Core LL.M. Courses

Optional Courses

Students must choose at least one additional course of 5 credits.  The list of optional courses is very rich. Examples of courses which have been available in the past include:

  • Moot Court Seminar: The course offers students a first practical experience of written and oral advocacy in the context of international commercial arbitration and litigation. The moot’s preparation includes workshops and tutorials on how to effectively conduct legal research, write submissions and present oral arguments in an international context. (Prof. Guillaume Croisant)
  • International Mergers and Acquisitions (Prof. Howard Leibman)
  • Free Movement of Goods (Prof. Peter Oliver)
  • European Private and Comparative Law (Prof. Erik Van den Haute)
  • Terrorism and International Law (Prof. Pierre Klein)
  • Data Law (Prof. David Restrepo Amariles)

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