General structure

The program includes 8 core LL.M. courses, 2 optional courses, and a LL.M. thesis.

The LL.M. is structured on the European credit system. Each course (compulsory and elective) enables the students to earn 5 credits, for a total of 50 credits. The remaining 10 credits are earned with the Master’s thesis.

The 8 Core LL.M. Courses are reserved for the LL.M. students. They provide the primary teaching load, covering the main areas of international business law. The students will benefit from a small class size, close relations with the ULB teaching staff and group camaraderie amongst the LL.M. students.

The 2 Optional Courses may be selected from any of the courses that are taught in the law faculty of ULB. Either in English or in French, including courses from the Institute of European Studies. The LL.M. students can capitalize on the truly remarkable curricular and methodological diversity offered at ULB.

The LL.M. Thesis involves the preparation of a written work on a topic of international business law of the student’s own choosing, under the one-to-one supervision of a member of the teaching staff.

List of Core LL.M. Courses
List of Optional Courses

Core LL.M. Courses

Optional Courses

The students must choose at least two additional courses of 5 credits each (or one course of at least 10 credits) amongst the courses that are offered from among the Master’s program of the Faculty of Law of ULB. [include link to the list of courses of the MA]

The list of courses is very rich and includes various courses that are taught in English:

  • Law, Finance and Economics (Prof. Marco Becht)
  • Free Movement of Goods (Prof. Peter Oliver)
  • European Private and Comparative Law (Prof. Erik Van den Haute)
  • Economics and the Law of the WTO (Prof. Petros Mavroidis and André Sapir)
  • Interest groups and lobbies in the European Union (Prof. Pascaline Winand)
  • Global Governance (Prof. Luk Van Langenhove)
  • The European Union and developing countries (Prof. Nicolas Schrijver)


logoIEE The LL.M. is partnering with the Executive Master in EU Studies (MEUS) of the Institute for European Studies (IEE – ULB) for the first term of 2016-2017. LLM students can chose their elective course amongst the MEUS courses while joint activities are organised between both programmes to enable cross-fertilization and networking

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