International Law of IP, IT and Data Protection

This course aims to provide students with a workable knowledge of EU Copyright, Neighboring Rights, Design and Trademark, as well as a general overview of some of the issues raised by overlaps of these IP rights, the impact thereon of new technologies and international protection of these rights.

At the end of this course, students will be familiar with the main features of each of these IP rights. In addition, they will be familiar with the most frequent issues arising in running a business (online or offline) based on supplying goods or providing services that are protected by these IP rights.

The course will also address the challenges raised by the development of e-commerce, notably from the point of view of intellectual property enforcement and unfair commercial practices, with a focus on the ongoing Digital Single market reforms.

The last part of the course will examine the international basis for patent laws including treaties which are part of the World Trade Organisation with a further emphasis on the practical aspects of filing and prosecuting patent applications through national, international and regional (e.g. European) patent systems. The new Unified Patent system in the Europe Union will be described including the handling of cross-border intellectual property rights disputes in existing systems as well as in this new system.