Why this LLM?

An Advanced Programme dedicated to International Business Law

The LL.M. is an advanced graduate programme which is designed to expand your legal knowledge and expertise in the fast-changing areas of international business law.  The philosophy of the LL.M. is to offer a rigorous, coherent and comprehensive programme that covers all the core subjects of international business law, with a strong emphasis on practical experience. Thanks to an outstanding teaching staff composed of top academics who also practice law in Brussels and abroad, we can give you the competitive edge to take your career to the next level.
The programme also provides flexibility to students offering a choice of an optional course from amongst the extraordinary rich course offerings at the ULB.  Students write their LL.M. thesis on a topic of international business law of their own choosing, with the assistance and guidance of the LL.M. teaching staff.

A Full-Time Programme
Student Diversity
ULB, a Top European University

A Full-Time Programme

The LL.M. is a full-time programme which runs from the last Monday in September to the end of June. The courses are divided into two terms, with exams held in January and June. The students are also entitled to a resit session of exams held in late June.

LL.M. candidates who successfully complete the programme are awarded a Certificate of LL.M. in International Business Law from the University of Brussels (ULB), which is recognized by the competent Belgian Academic Authorities (Communauté française) within the framework of the programme of continuous education.


Student Diversity

The LL.M. is open to students from across the world who hold a primary degree in law or who have gained experience in law at graduate level.


ULB, a Top European University

The LL.M. is part of the programme offered by the University of Brussels (Université Libre de Bruxelles, or “ULB”), one of the leading universities in Europe, with 25.000 students, one third of whom come from outside of Belgium.

LL.M. courses are taught on the Solbosch Campus, which is the main and largest campus of the university, situated in the Brussels-Capital Region. The campus is located in the vicinity of the European Institutions.

ULB offers extraordinary extra-curricular and co-curricular activities, including lectures, workshops, internships, career events and social activities. Some of these activities are integrated with our academic programme.


Brussels, the Heart of Europe

The LL.M. is designed for students who wish to take full advantage of the extraordinary range of opportunities offered in Brussels, the capital of Europe.

The programme includes visits to the institutions of the European Union (European Commission, Council and Parliament) which are headquartered in Brussels.


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