International Investment Law and Dispute Settlement

The course will familiarize students with substantive and procedural aspects of contemporary investment law, as it is laid down in a network of over 2,000 bilateral and multilateral investment treaties as well as domestic investment laws. The course will also consider the complex relationship of international investment law with other areas of international law. Finally, the course will critically examine the legitimacy of international investment law in light of current attempts to reform the system.

Specifically, the course will familiarize students with the following concepts and issues:

  • Notion of investment
  • Substantive protections: expropriation, fair and equitable treatment, full security and protection, umbrella clauses, national treatment and most favoured nation treatment
  • The relationship of investment law with other rules of international law, including general international law, environmental law, rules for the protection of public health, and human rights obligations
  • The relationship of investment treaties with European Union law
  • Procedures for settling investment disputes
  • The future of the investment law system