Fees & Admission


Annual tuition fees for both EU and Non-EU students are EUR 5900.   To secure a place in the programme, applicants are required to pay a EUR 500 non-refundable deposit by 1 May in case of March offers or 1 July in case of June offers.

The balance of tuition fees is due by 1 August.

Please note that we are unable to refund tuition fees including deposits other than for students who 1) are not nationals of an EU member state, and 2) are unable to obtain a student or other visa enabling the student to reside legally in Belgium for the duration of the LL.M. program after submission of a visa application and 3) do not commence the programme or attend any classes

The LL.M. is a one academic year programme.  In extenuating circumstances, with approval of the academic coordinator, the programme may be completed in a second year upon payment of a 500 Euro administrative fee.


We offer a limited number of scholarships per year of a total or partial tuition fee waiver.  This is aimed at widening access to the program for students with excellent academic credentials who may have limited financial resources.

Application for a scholarship must be submitted with the application form for admission.

LL.M. Scholarship-Application Form

Conditions of Admission

Primary Degree: The LL.M. is open to students who hold a “primary” law degree (students are required to have a level of education sufficient to access the relevant bar in the country in which they have studied.  In most countries this will be a masters (i.e. Belgium) but in some it may be a bachelor (i.e. UK)).    As the LL.M. is a post-graduate programme students are expected to have taken university level course(s) on the basic aspects of business law, including company law.

The LL.M. in International Business Law is a 60 credit post-graduate programme of the Université libre de Bruxelles which is the equivalent to a Master of Laws (Magister Legum).

The programme awards 60 ECTS (European Credit System). Please note that the extent to which these credits are recognised in the home institutions of participants can vary and it is recommended that participants seek information on this before applying to the programme if they want these credits to be recognised at their home institution or in their home countries.

Proof of English Proficiency: Candidates must establish English proficiency in one of the following ways: (i) TOEFL test with a score of minimum 90, (ii) IELTS test with an overall score of minimum 6.5, (iii) primary degree or significant coursework at university level in English, or (iv) other written evidence of English proficiency (subject to acceptance by the admission officer). While we do offer conditional admission contingent on satisfying proof of English proficiency (see below), evidence of strong English language skills will improve prospects of admission.

Submission of Application Form: The application form together with supporting documents should be sent to brusselsllm@ulb.be. The application form may be downloaded below and details all of the supporting documentation we require. Please do not submit any documentation other than what we have requested in the application form.   The LL.M. is a small programme thus we are unable to admit all applicants who meet the basic admissions criteria.

LL.M Application Form

Admission Process – Closing Dates

Applications for September entry will be accepted from 1 January. The admission process is undertaken in three phases. Candidates are encouraged to submit their applications by the first closing date to increase their prospects of admission to the programme. On occasion, applicants may be contacted for a remote interview.  In some cases, candidates may receive a conditional offer contingent upon successful completion of current studies and/or fulfillment of language requirements.

First Closing Date: 1 March 

Second Closing Date: 1 June 

Ongoing Applications subject to available places: After 1 June 

First Closing date: 1 March

The initial deadline for applications is 1 March. All applications submitted prior to that date will be given equal consideration and considered on their individual merits. Students who have applied prior to 1 March will receive an admissions decision during the month of March.  Most applicants will be informed whether they have been admitted to the programme or not.  Some applicants will be deferred and considered with applicants from the 1 June closing date.

Second Closing Date: 1 June 

The second deadline for applications is 1 June. All applications submitted prior to that date will be given equal consideration and considered on their individual merits.  Students who have applied prior to 1 June will be informed during the month of June if they have been admitted to the programme.

Ongoing Applications after 1 June

After 1 June applications will be considered subject to availability of places, on an ongoing basis. Interested applicants should email brusselsllm@ulb.be to determine whether there are still available places in the programme prior to submitting an application. Students will be informed if they are admitted to the programme usually within three weeks of submission of a complete application form.

Student Visa Information

Non-EU students who are not otherwise legally resident in Belgium need to obtain a long stay student visa in order to join the LLM programme.  Detailed information about the visa application procedure and documents to be provided can be found in the following link:


In order to be eligible for a long stay student visa, students will need to provide proof of sufficient means of subsistence. Students who do not have a scholarship or personal income,  will need to have a sponsor who can prove (through bank statements, work contract etc.) that they have sufficient personal regular income to provide support. Further information on the means of subsistence requirement can be found in the following line:


It is not possible to obtain a visa on the basis of savings in a bank account (even a very large amount of savings) or a potential student job in Belgium.

The ULB has a procedure in place to assist students in obtaining their student visas through the deposit of living expenses in a blocked account in Belgium in advance of the visa application to demonstrate sufficient means of subsistence.  Students who wish to avail themselves of this procedure are encouraged to apply for admission by March 1.  This will allow for sufficient time to complete the procedure and thereby maximize chances of obtaining the student visa in time for enrollment.

2 thoughts on “Fees & Admission

  1. I hold LL.B with Second Class Upper Division Honour from Ghana( English speaking country with English educational system). I really would need a fully-funded Scholarship to enable me pursue LLM programme in your esteem University. Is there any scholarship scheme for an international student from a poor financial background?


    1. Please see the scholarship form on our applications page and submit it with the application. We have some limited tuition fee waivers available but no other funding for living expenses.


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