Call for Application
Adjunct Lecturer in “International Company Law and Corporate Governance”
LL.M. in International Business Law
University of Brussels (Université Libre de Bruxelles – ULB)

Appointment Description

Since 2016, the Faculty of Law of the University of Brussels (Université Libre de Bruxelles – ULB) has been offering a LL.M. program in International Business Law. The LL.M. is a full-time advanced graduate program based in Brussels and taught entirely in English. It caters to motivated students from around the world. The philosophy of the LL.M. is to offer a rigorous, coherent and comprehensive program that covers all of the core subjects of international business law, with a strong emphasis on practical experience. The details of the program can be found on

We are currently looking to fill a vacancy for an Adjunct Lecturer to teach part of the course International Company Law and Corporate Governance. The Lecturer will be teaching the part of the course focused on corporate governance. The course should be designed to:

• Introduce the framework of corporate governance (origin, definition, soft law vs. hard law, etc.).
• Examine key governance issues of companies (both public and private) such as: shareholders’ primacy and outsider model vs. stakeholders’ oriented and insider model, composition and role of the board of directors, shareholders’ activism, remuneration policy, disclosure of corporate information and conflict of interests.
• Address the concept, role and challenges of corporate social responsibility.

Candidates will preferably hold a Ph.D. in law and demonstrate outstanding teaching ability and specific competence in the relevant fields through professional experience and publications.

The position involves the teaching of 18 hours of class time (six classes of three hours) and supervision of LL.M. theses due in May. Lectures will commence in the second part of March, and run for six weeks through mid-May, meeting once per week on Tuesdays from 15-18h at the ULB. Thesis supervision is ongoing but requires more attention in the second term. The position does not involve a contract of employment with the University, rather academic work is carried out on an independent basis under terms to be agreed.

Interested candidates should send a cover letter and academic curriculum vitae by 15 October 2021 to the LL.M. Academic Coordinator and Program Administrator at the following email address:

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